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   Versin: English: Young's Literal Translation
xodo 12:1And Jehovah speaketh unto Moses and unto Aaron, in the land of Egypt, saying,    
xodo 12:2`This month [is] to you the chief of months -- it [is] the first to you of the months of the year;    
xodo 12:3speak ye unto all the company of Israel, saying, In the tenth of this month -- they take to them each man a lamb for the house of the fathers, a lamb for a house.    
xodo 12:4`(And if the household be too few for a lamb, then hath he taken, he and his neighbour who is near unto his house, for the number of persons, each according to his eating ye do count for the lamb,)    
xodo 12:5a lamb, a perfect one, a male, a son of a year, let be to you; from the sheep or from the goats ye do take [it].    
xodo 12:6`And it hath become a charge to you, until the fourteenth day of this month, and the whole assembly of the company of Israel have slaughtered it between the evenings;    
xodo 12:7and they have taken of the blood, and have put on the two side-posts, and on the lintel over the houses in which they eat it.    
xodo 12:8`And they have eaten the flesh in this night, roast with fire; with unleavened things and bitters they do eat it;    
xodo 12:9ye do not eat of it raw, or boiled at all in water, but roast with fire, its head with its legs, and with its inwards;    
xodo 12:10and ye do not leave of it till morning, and that which is remaining of it till morning with fire ye do burn.    

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